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How to blow a short reed goose call

Learning how to blow a short reed goose call is not very difficult; even if you have never blow a goose call before.  Like any instrument that creates sound it will take some practice to be effective, however, the learning curve to blow a goose call is very short.

There are only two basics sounds in the goose language: the Honk and the Cluck.  All of the other sounds that a goose makes are variations of the basic Honk and Cluck.

Virtually every expert agrees that the best way to learn how to call a goose is to learn the basic Honk. 

The Honk
The honk is a two part sound in goose language.  First a low tone sound that comes from deep down in the diaphragm, and second ending with a sharp high pitch snap.  A short reed goose call is built such that it can easily mimic the sounds of the Canadian Geese.

To create the honk when blowing your goose call, there are two keys to success:

1)       Hold the Call

          Grab a goose call with your off hand and make the okay sign with your left hand around the call.  Now close your hand such that it makes a tube and cover the end of the tube with your dominant hand.  Consider this to be the muffler when you goose call.  You can change the pitch and volume of your calling by simply opening and closing the muffler.

2)       Blowing the goose call

          To get a goose call to make the two part sound of the goose, you must start with a slow steady flow of air followed by a short hard short hard burst of air to snap the reed completely open.  The snap is what creates the high pitched sound that ends a goose honk.

          The mouth is placed on the call exactly as you would a trumpet or some other musical instrument.  You must pucker your lips and make sure the entire surface of the call opening is covered with your lips and mouth

          Most professionals suggest speaking into call with some form of key words such as Doo Witt or Goo Ick.  You first create back pressure by closing hand and from the diaphragm slowly build up the word Doo or Goo.  The snap your tongue to the top of your mouth with a short burst of air saying the word Witt or Ick.

          Continue practicing you honk until you can create a series of short and fast honks in succession.  If you only know how to honk and do nothing else you can be a successful goose hunter.

Presto you have created the Honk of the by properly blowing into your goose call!

The Cluck

When you blow your goose call; the cluck is nothing more than the second part of the Honk.  The create the cluck just mimic the second part of the honk.  A couple of things to pay attention to when blowing a cluck:


          If you blow hard into the call without build the back pressure it will not sound very good.  So to create the cluck you must do both parts of the honk, but you will only build the back pressure for very short period and then snap open the call.

The Key to Successfully Blowing your Goose Call

When blowing your goose call it is very important to remember that your goal is to sound just like the geese in the area where you are hunting.  When in a field geese have very different sounds for eating then when landing in the water to rest. 

          Listen to the geese and try to mimic their sounds

          Lean to blow your goose call with a mixture of honks and clucks

Good Luck Hunting!



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