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How to Tune a Goose Call


If you have purchased a good name brand call from companies like Tim Grounds, Zink, Sean Mann, or RnT all of the goose calls you purchase will come from direct from the factory tuned.  There are two occasions that may cause to have to retune the goose call: 1) the call gets dirty; or 2) you do not like the tone of the call.


If your call gets dirty


A goose call can get dirty from the mud, sand or any other loose debris.  What changes the tune of the goose call is when an object gets lodged inside the call under or behind the reed.


When this occurs, separate the mouth piece and the goose barrel by pulling apart.  Be careful not to manipulate the wedge or other pieces in the goose call.  If in the field, gently blow backwards on the call and try to remove the debris.  Be very careful not to kink the reed; if you kink the reed you will need to replace the parts from the manufacturer.  The other method which is safer is to run water through the back end of the call when you get home and let it air dry.



If you need to clean the actual parts of the goose call you will need to take apart the parts assembly.

The three parts of the reed assembly are: 1- The reed, 2- The “reed base”(long plastic part), and 3- The “wedge”(small plastic part).

All goose calls come in tune from the factory, so before cleaning the assembly make sure to do the following.


  • Before disassembly mark exactly how the parts sit in the call – I draw two lines: one where the parts sit in the barrel (mark around the whole assembly with a marker; and 2) where the reed and wedge sit in the call (use the marker to mark the edge of reed and wedge where they sit in the barrel).
  • Gently remove the parts from the barrel of the call.  This make take some doing – the reed can kink and you can damage the parts very easily – so be gentle.
  • Separate the assembly, clean and place back in call exactly where it was before.  The call should now be in tune again.


Note if the reed does not sit in the reed base exactly where it was before your call will have a higher or lower pitch.

If you completely mess it up, most of the factories will let you send it back in and retune and clean for about $20.

Good Luck Hunting! 

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