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On the market today are many great manufactures of high quality goose calls.  The choice and variety that is available to the hunter today is simply put astonishing.  A goose hunter has many choices that if made correctly can significantly increase their ability to call in geese to the decoy spread.   


If you are hunter looking for versatility and the ability to make a variety of sounds; a short reed goose call may likely be a perfect fit.  Tim Grounds was the first to produce a great short reed goose Tim Grounds Super Magcall and sell it to the marketplace.  Rich N Tone calls produces several high end calls.  RNT goose calls are known for their ease of use and raspy sounds. Several other companies also produce high quality short reed goose calls including: Bill Saunders, Foiles, and Zink.  All of these calls are very similar in their ability to make a variety of sounds and calls.  Each of these companies produces a variety of short reed goose calls including both acrylic and wood goose calls.


For hunters looking to make much more subtle clucks grunts and honks a goose flute is often times a much better choice.  Goose Sean Mann Eastern Shoremanflutes give hunters the ability to use low amounts of airflow to create great sounding goose calls.  When looking at goose flutes, Sean Mann goose calls stand above the rest of the crowd.  The Sean Mann goose flutes are a world class goose call.


The disadvantage of many of the calls listed above is that they can be quite expensive to purchase.  For the value minded goose Buck Garder Canada Hammerhunter there are some very good calls made out of a high quality resin that still offer great sounds.  Buck Gardner is legendary for both his hunting adventures and high quality hunting products.   Buck Gardner makes a very good goose call at extremely affordable prices.   Another company that produces a good, inexpensive call is WGCcalls.

Good Luck Hunting!


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