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Big Foot Goose Decoy

It is little know that waterfowl can see in 300 degree range around their head.  The translation is that they have extremely good eyesight making realism an important part of your decoy spread.  By adding the feet platdorms, full bodied decoys give the appearance of actual geese standing, feeding and honking.  This added realism gives geese the okay sign to land here.  The goal of every hunter is to draw the birds in close!
The company that started the trend to full bodied goose decoys.  The Big Foot goose decoys are known for their realism, authenticity and flat out effectiveness.  If you have ever hunted with a set of fully flocked Big Foot goose decoys you would swear that your decoys are actual geese.  The more real looking the decoy spread the more likely the geese will approach your blind.  The Big Foot goose decoys are universally the choice of hunting guides who need to add realism to their decoy spread.

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